Florian Genz
Dortmund, full postal address can be found in my data privacy information

My first camera got stolen before I could take a single picture with it. I had won the small point and shoot at a creative writing contest when I was 10. After that it took me 14 years to get my second one. In the meantime I would draw comics, imagine stories, play convoluted roleplaying games in the woods and build virtual arenas for others to play in - and somehow ended up in a 9-5 office job. Stress management was suddenly more important than creativity. Without any real prospect I quit, used my last paycheck to buy another camera and started studying photography in Dortmund. What started as escapism developed into a way for me to learn from myself and the world by taking pictures of what I care about. My works share themes like memory, reality, perception, consequence and preconception. I think of myself as a magical realism documentary photographer: I try to document the invisible. Photography allows me to tell stories on the verge of fact and fiction, to allow viewers to fill in the gaps for themselves.
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